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Jinah Abdul Shukoor (Jinah) as head coach and Yoosuf Umar (Yoosuf) as his assistant


Club Immigration appointed Jinah Abdul Shukoor (Jinah) as head coach and Yoosuf Umar (Yoosuf) as his assistant for the forthcoming Club Maldives Cup 2017. Jinah and Yoosuf are expected to reconstruct the team to show the real strength of Club Immigration. Management and the team is confident in assigning them to coach the team, as they have served the team as players during the golden times of the club. During the peak of their Futsal career as players, they ruled like a king on the field. Both had the potential to overturn matches with their vigilance and skill.

As players, Jinah was best known for his technical skill and play making ability, On the other hand, Yoosuf was well known for pace, fancy touches and good decision making ability. They had regular call ups to the starting team in the history of the club and even made it to a couple of finals with Club Immigration.

It is of no controversy that, they had a golden era as players. However the question is, “can they together build a team to write in the history of the Club Maldives Cup?” Speaking to the media of Club Immigration regarding the preparation of the team, Jinah and Yoosuf said that the biggest challenge for the team is to work more for the fitness of the players, than the game. However, they are delighted to have a squad of committed players with great attitude towards the game.

“I am very much trying to lift the team to my expectations. Players are doing extremely well during the training sessions, despite of their busy daily schedule. I hope my players would show the same commitment in the game and I believe that the team has the full capacity to advance further in the knockout stages”, Jinah said speaking to the media of Club Immigration.

During this interview, assistant coach Yoosuf expressed about his confidence on individual players. To this regard, he further stated that his players have got superb mentality and great technical skills to become the favorites of the tournament.

“Good futsal players make play, dribble the ball, combine with team mates and push the team forward to score. This team has got that all. They simply have to work together towards the goal. I am confident about this team”, Yoosuf said.

Club Immigration is twice a finalist, 2008 and 2010, however they never got the hand on the trophy. The players and coaches are together trying their utmost to put the hands on the trophy this year. That is the feeling everybody is thirst for, the feeling that never let the feet of the team to rest.

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  1. sobba

    i cant forsee that the so called Jina yoosuf is a person can make any difference with all those artillary in bench. He has never proved so far..

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